Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tulip Festival @ Thanksgiving Point 2011

I went three different times to the tulip festival before my card expired.  Each time I went, I saw more color and lots of pretty flowers.  I took Tiffany with me one time and her friend joined us.  I went with Kadence and Valerie and then just went by myself.  I took more pictures so enjoy them.

 April 2011

 Entered this in their photo contest and made it
to the finals.  Didn't win, but was honored to be
in with the hundreds of photos.

 Tiffany @ the gardens.

 Jessica Willard and Tiffany having some fun.

Pretty girls.

Thanksgiving Point and the Tulip Festival

I just love going to the Tulip Festival in Lehi and the Thanksgiving Point Gardens.  I got a membership card for Mother's day last year and it's good for one year, so I called up Valerie and said, "Let's take Kadence and get some pictures of her with the colorful tulips.  It has been so cold, that the tulips didn't come out as fast, so they extended the festival for one week longer.  It was a beautiful day.  Valerie and Kadence met me at my sister's house and we drove over to the gardens.  Kadence was in her little Easter dress.  She looked so cute.  Off we went and looked at the beautiful flowers and the colors.  It was so much fun spending the day with Valerie and my little grand daughter.  

Valerie with Kadence April 22, 2011.
 Kadence almost 10 months old.

 "Hi Grandma!"

 Grandma with little Kadence.

 Kadence just didn't want to look at the camera.

 Kadence in her Easter Dress.

 Having so much fun outdoors.

 Say Cheese!

 Flowers at Thanksgiving Point.

 Having so much fun!

The tulips and the colors were so pretty. Wish
this was my garden!

Easter Pictures with Kadence.

I thought it would be fun to put Kadence in my huge Easter Basket full of grass and eggs and start snapping pictures.  I had the opportunity to have Kadence out here for a few days so it was photo time.  I'm sure Kadence didn't like it much, but she better get use to it because her grandmother loves to take pictures!  I put her in the basket and took these pictures.  She had fun playing with the eggs and grass.  She is growing up so fast. These pictures were taken in April 2011.  She was going to turn 10 months old this month.  Where has the time gone?

"Hi Grandma, is this what you want?"
" Are you sure it's okay if I sit in this?"

 "How's this?"

 "This is fun, now where's the candy?"

Pictures taken April 6 & 7, 2011. 

Kadence not feeling well.

 Kadence almost 8 months old.

Kadence just getting over RSV.

Dallas, Valerie and Kadence went to California in February to Disneyland and Sea World  with
all of the Knowlton's.  It was their Christmas.  Later in March, little Kadence was not feeling well
and was really congested.  It kept getting worse and Valerie took Kadence to the doctor.  She
was admitted to the Hospital with RSV.  A bit scary where she was still little.  She didn't like being
there and Valerie and Dallas stayed with her.  She had to have and IV because she was so dehydrated.
I went out a week later to check on their little family and spent a couple of days helping Valerie out.
Kadence still didn't feel that great, you can tell in the pictures.  She is still a cute little girl.  It sure isn't
fun getting sick.  We will be glad when it warms up and these bugs are out of here. 

Mom's birthday

 Happy Birthday Mom!

Mom and Dad on Mom's Birthday 2/16/11

Today was my mother's birthday. She turned 77 years old young.  It has been so much
fun to have them live close to us.  I really do appreciate what my mother has done for me
throughout my life.  I'm lucky to have her as my mother.  She has taught me so many things
that has made me a better person and mother and grandmother.  Mom, I hope you realize
how much to mean to me and my family.  Hope you have many more Birthdays to come.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy birthday Grandma Ruth




On January 15, 2011, Grandma Ruth turned 85 years old.  We wanted to do a little family get-together for
her so we told everyone to bring something pot luck that Grandma Ruth liked to eat.  It was fun to see what kind of food showed up at her house.  We had pancakes with home-made syrup, pickled beets that Casi had put up from her garden, yummy potatoes, soft flour tacos, green salad, home-made tomato soup, chicken patties, all kinds of cookies and peach cobbler.  It tasted yummy.  Then we all sat in the family room and watched a video that Tiffany had worked on since Christmas of Grandma Ruth.  It really was a nice show she had put together.  Everyone loved it and seemed to have a wonderful time.  Thanks to all those who sent me the memories to put in Grandma's book.  Thanks to Tiffany for all the long hours she spent putting the DVD together.  I know that Grandma Ruth had a wonderful Birthday with family around her.  It really was a special day to spend with Grandma Ruth.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tiffany moves to Logan

Moving Tiffany's stuff in.

Really Mom!  A picture!

Now where do I put all this stuff?
 My new place.

On the 7th of January, we loaded up the truck and Tiffany's car and headed to my sister's house to pick up Tiffany's stuff and head to Clearfield to spend the night and Dallas and Valerie's house.  Saturday, Tiffany had the okay to move in her new apartment in Logan.  It was an air quality alert day along the Wasatch Front.  I was hoping that the inversion wouldn't be in Logan, but it was there too.  Tiffany moved to Oak ridge and we started to unload the truck and car.  I couldn't believe how much stuff Tiffany had, we ended up bringing back a few things because there was no room in the room.  We are now "Empty Nester's" again.  This time Tiffany won't be coming home as often being up in Logan.  I will really miss that, but I hope she will like her classes and the people up there.  It really is quiet at our house with just Dale and I here.  I can look on the bright side of things, I don't have to cook as much, and the upstairs stays really clean longer and I don't have loads of laundry to do everyday!  I do miss my kids!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 Goals

I thought that I would set a few goals for myself for 2011.  New Year resolutions sometimes don't work, so I'm calling them goals.  I want to de-clutter my house this year and get rid of stuff that we really don't use anymore.  This will take the whole year I'm afraid, but I have the whole year to do it.
Next, I want to become closer to my Savior.  Dale and I are reading the Book of Mormon together.  I would like to have it read by the end of this year.  I know that by reading the scriptures, you become closer to God.  Along with this, I want to attend the Temple as often as I can.  There you can feel the Lord's Spirit so strongly.  I have to admire Grandma Ruth, she attends the Temple pretty much every Wednesday over in Vernal.  What a wonderful example that is for me and her grandchildren.
I want to be able to visit my grand-babies and be able to play and spend time with them.  I'm hoping that we can do fun activities with our children this year.  We are not getting any younger and you better enjoy life while you can.
It's our 30th anniversary this year in July!  I can't believe it.  I want to be able to do something fun for this event.  Five years ago we went to Hawaii and that was a blast.  Not sure what to do on our 30th, but I will think of something.  Maybe we will get some oil money coming in!  One can only hope.
I think for now that is plenty to keep me busy for the year!  I have found that you just have to think positive to enjoy life.  Life is too short to be miserable.  I had a friend on facebook that loved life and the people she was around and her family.  She took care of Tyler by feeding him on Sunday's when he was in the Wooster Ohio area.  She also sent me pictures of Tyler which I appreciated very much.  Sadly this past December, she had a horrible accident and died before Christmas.  She also had a missionary daughter in California at the time.  I really miss her, even though I never personally met her, but you could tell that she loved her Savior and family and life and lived it to the fullest.  I want to be that type of person this year. 

Welcome the New Year 2011

It's hard to believe that 2010 has come and gone.  Where did that time go?  I thought I would put some of the highlights of 2010 that happened to our family down.  January 2010, Tyler got his long awaited mission call to serve in the Ohio,Cleveland Spanish speaking mission.  He was so excited to be able to learn a language.  Now he thinks that his mom and dad need to learn Spanish.  I've told him that it's to hard for old people to learn a language.  February 2010, all our loans were paid off!  Boy did that feel so good.  I don't want to take another loan out for sometime.  Then later that month, we went to Colorado with Grandma Ruth, Tyler and Tiffany to see Tim and Koren and the boys and go skiing before Tyler left on his mission.  They took us to Loveland Ski resort and boy did we have a blast.  We even came home without any broken limbs!  That was really a miracle in my eyes.  March 2010, we went as a family to Disneyland one last time with Tyler and Alicia's family joined us there.  It was their first time ever and they loved it.  We really had a wonderful time and Tiffany and Tyler really had a great time.  They will really miss each other.  April 2010, Tyler left for the MTC on April 7th.  It was a sad and happy day for me.  We had a last family get-together the night before, went to Temple Square the day Tyler entered the MTC and dropped him off "curbside" and said our good-byes.  I won't lie, it was hard leaving him, but Tyler was excited for his new adventure for the next two years.  May 2010, Dale and I were getting our stuff ready for Trek in July.  We were walking to get conditioned for the trip and making pioneer attire that we would be wearing.  We were picked to be a Ma and Pa in our ward and would be attending the Stake Trek.  June 2010 was one of the most exciting events for our family.  We became Grandparents for the first time.  Kadence Knowlton was born: 5 pounds 15 ounces, 19 inches long.  She was a month early, but is doing really well and has blue eyes and red hair.  It is so much fun being a grandparent.  Kadence has brought so much joy to our family.  July 2010, Trek finally came.  We left for three days with the youth of our Stake and walked the paths where Dale's ancestors had walked on.  We will remember this experience for some time and it was life changing for us.  August 2010, I helped out Valerie by tending Kadence each week on Monday's while Valerie went back to work.  It was so much fun seeing her change.  They grow up so fast.  September 2010, I got Dale to attend a Broadway play.  We went to the "Lion King" at the Capitol Theater in SLC.  Tiffany and my parents, along with my  sister Adele and her daughter Lexi went with us.  It was a fun family outing.  I think Dale enjoyed it.
October and November 2010, was the busiest months for our gravel business.  Dale had hundreds of orders to fill and deliver.  I guess this is a blessing of having a missionary son out.  Thanksgiving was also fun spending time with family and eating good, good food.  December 2010, was exciting, we were told by Jason and Alicia that we will be getting a grand-baby in June of 2011.  What a neat present that will be to be grandparents again.  Then on Christmas day, Tyler called us and that was the best present ever this year for Christmas!  He sounded so happy and he was really loving what he was doing.  It was different not having him home this year, but I'm so happy that he is loving serving his Father in Heaven.  But the biggest event in December is celebrating our Savior's birth.  I love this time of year.  It seems the the world has a little bit of peace on it during December and people are nicer to one another.  It was fun to look back at 2010.  I'm hoping that 2011 is filled with fun and memories can be made.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Rasmussen Christmas Party 2010

When can we eat?
 We are the coolest cousins!

 Dale talking to his mom.

 So Mom . . what do you think about life in general?

Got to love Stella's hair do!

 Now that's a lot of little girls!  All but one born in 2010.

 The newest of the great-grand daughters.

 Smile for the camera.

 Santa really is coming.

 Mom! Get me off this guy's lap now!

 Tiffany and Kadence

 We can't open this package until June 2011!

 Paul and LaJean Rasmussen

 Bart and Jon, still friends after the big game.

Susan's family with Grandma Ruth
 Grandma Ruth with all her grandchildren.  Missing:
Ian, Adam, Rick, Colby, Lance & Tyler

 Ruth with her children: Back row, Tim, Betty. Shauna
Susan, Paul, Front row: Dale, Ruth, Sherrol

Our family 2010 
L-R Dale, Becky, Alicia, Jason, Dallas, Kadence
Tiffany, Grandma Ruth, Valerie

This year we had our Christmas Party the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  It was the same day as the Utah and BYU football game in Salt Lake.  So at the party you either saw red or blue clothes.  Good thing we are family and we like each other.  Utah won the game just barely.  It was a cold evening.  Felicia and Shauna and Anna put the party together.  It was really nice.  We really needed a big place cause our family is so big now.  We had dinner and then Felicia and Kevin put a video together that was really cute.  We then went into some rooms and taped some messages for Addie, Lance and Tyler that Felicia was going to send to them.  I thought that was really neat that she wanted to include them in our family party.  It was a wonderful evening.  Santa came to the little great-grand kids and gave them gifts.  The best gift was at the end.  Jason and Alicia were Santa's helpers and at the end, Santa asked if there were anymore gifts to give out.  Alicia looked in the sack and pulled out this huge silver bow and placed it on her tummy and said that this package wouldn't be able to be opened until June of 2011.  That is how they announced to the family that they will be getting a baby.  It was a cute way to announce their news to the family.  It was a wonderful evening.  We drove all the way back home which we were glad because really early in the morning, a storm came through and the roads were a white out in Strawberry.  Got to love the winter storms out here!  
Well I finally did it, got this year all wrapped up.  Wasn't sure I could do it, but it took a whole day.  We certainly had a wonderful year as a family.  Looking forward to 2011.