Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tyler's Seminary Graduation..May 24, 2009

Tyler graduated from Seminary on May 24, 2009 from the Roosevelt Stake. Morgan Roberts and Ariell Allred who are pictured here with Tyler were also
from the Myton !st Ward the graduated as well. Tyler is the fourth Rasmussen
Child of Dale and Becky Rasmussen to graduate from Seminary. We are so happy that
Tyler chose to take Seminary for 4 years. He has learned so much from his teachers and
said that Seminary made a difference in his life. I'm thankful that he chose to include his
Savior in his life during his 4 years of High School. It would have been so easy to take other
classes and not worry about Seminary. Thank you Tyler for choosing good things in your life.
You will find that the Seminary classes will help you out the rest of your life. We love you very much. If you are wondering what Tyler is wearing around his neck... it is a Lollie lae that has
been a tradition since Jason graduated in 2002. His grandma and grandpa Tonks had just come home from New Zealand serving a CES Mission and when the students from Seminary graduated, they had Lollie laes put around their necks. Well since they did this for Jason, they had to finish the tradition for the 3 other grandchildren. The other Seminary students were envious of Tyler's Lae. They thought it looked cool and tastey. Again, we are happy for Tyler
graduating from Seminary!

Danie Gingell a good friend with Tyler

Tyler with his parents..Dale and Becky

Tyler and Grandma Ruth

Tyler with Grandma and Grandpa Tonks

Mother's Day

Mother's day came and went fast. In fact the whole month of May passed before my eyes. I'm so grateful for my mom. She has been my best friend throughout my whole life. I'm so lucky to have her living just down the road from our house. I was jealous of my sister that mom was living with her and could see her everyday. Now it's my turn and I can see her everyday. What a wonderful blessing to have both of my parents living close to me and my family. They are the best and we even get to have Dale's mom living in Roosevelt that is close to us also. Family is everything to me, and I'm lucky to have the two best families in the whole world close to me. Hope you all had a Happy Mother's Day and told your mothers how much you love and appreciate all they have done for you!