Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pictures of Kadence in blessing dress

Love this picture, it looks like Kadence
is praying.

I just think how special it was that Valerie used her blessing dress that she was blessed in that was made by Grandma Ruth, to bless her daughter in. The dress is 24 years old and still looks as good as new. Grandma Ruth was so excited to know that the dress she made would be used once again. Now this dress is a second generation keepsake. Thought you might like to see some pictures of Kadence in her dress. Also, the same day, we had Natalie, Boston, Stella, Kadence, and Kaelyn's pictures taken on a quilt that Kellie had made for Stella. The little girls were so funny and wouldn't hold still. Hope you enjoy them.

She almost looks like Valerie did on her
blessing day.

This is Valerie's doll buggy that she got
when she was eight years old and had a porcelain
doll with her blessing dress on.

Kadence looks like a porcelain doll.

The great grand daughters of Grandma Ruth
in order. (Savannah not pictured) Natalie,
Boston, Kadence and Stella on the quilt that
Kellie made for Stella.

Kaelyn joined the group. What a rowdy bunch
of little girls.

Luke had to come and join the party.

Labor day weekend

The family picture ( but missing Tyler) on
Kadence's blessing day 9/5/2010

Labor day weekend was quite the weekend for our family. Dale and Tiffany and I along with my parents and Adele and Lexi had tickets to see the Lion King at the Capitol Theater on Friday the 3rd of September. This was part of our anniversary and I wanted Dale to see a Broadway play.
It was a beautiful evening and we met everyone at the Capitol Theater. When it opened up, we went in and found our seats. I hoped that Dale would like it and he seemed to enjoy the performance. The costumes and scenery were wonderful. It was really colorful and the actors did an outstanding job. I really liked it and the rest of the family seemed to enjoy it too. After the show, Dale and I drove to Clearfield. Kadence was going to be blessed on Sunday so we thought we would spend the weekend with Valerie and Dallas. Thank goodness that the weather was wonderful! Valerie had reserved the little park by their house for the family dinner and it really worked out so nice. We had breakfast food and lots showed up for the special event. Dallas really did a nice job with giving Kadence a name and a blessing. It has been so much fun seeing our children marry good spouses and see them start raising their little families. Kadence has 6 great grandparents that are alive! That is so cool. She also was blessed in Valerie's blessing dress that Grandma Ruth has made Valerie 24 years ago. Grandma Ruth was so happy to see Kadence in that dress and she looked so beautiful in it. I'm glad it was able to be used again and that Grandma Ruth could see her great grand daughter be blessed in it. I just love getting together with the family and spending time with them.

Great grandma Ruth, Valerie, and Kadence.
Grandma Ruth made this dress 24 years ago
and Valerie wore it when she was blessed.

Four Generations on the Rasmussen side.

Four generations on the Swenson side.

Four generations on the Tonks side.

Kadence with all her Great grandparents.
Great grandma Knowlton was not here.

Our new little family.
Dallas, Valerie and Kadence Knowlton

Shondell Knowlton, Dallas, Valerie, Kadence,
Bradley Knowlton.

Valerie and Felicia and Kadence.

Hanging out with the family and eating good food.

Spending time with Kadence

Valerie started back to work the end of August and I started to drive out on Sundays to tend Kadence on Mondays while Valerie worked. Kadence has changed so much from week to week.
Being a grandmother has been so rewarding!! I love it and Kadence started to smile when I came out. That was so cool to have her give her grandma the first real smile before she gave it to her mommy. I have loved so much being able to spend time with our first grand child. I didn't know that it could be so much fun. I hope the weather stays really nice for a while so I can keep going out there and tend her. Here are some pictures of Kadence. Enjoy. . . . they grow up really fast before you eyes.

Saying goodbye to my sweetie.

Having fun taking pictures while Kadence
was asleep.

Looks so peaceful.

Dallas' cousin took these pictures.
So adorable and you can see her red hair.

So cute!

Martin's Cove and Sixth Crossing Stake Trek 2010

Myton 1st ward family at Trek

Dale and I had a wonderful opportunity to attend our Stake's Trek to Martin's Cove and to be a Ma & Pa. We found out in January that we would be going so Dale and I started to read the book "The Price we Paid" (the extraordinary story of the Willie & Martin handcart pioneers) by Andrew D. Olsen. What a great book this was and it truly got us mentally prepared for out trek. We had 12 youth from our ward go. It was July 20-22 nd and we headed out in our pioneer attire and went on the bus to Wyoming. It was absolutely beautiful and so open. I couldn't believe how green it still was. Our youth in our Stake were so well behaved and treated everyone so good. I don't like camping in tents, but I can say that I didn't complain once. I went with the attitude of feeling what our ancestors might have felt. It was an amazing experience for Dale and I and we both have a deeper love for our ancestors that crossed the plains to live in Zion. We are both so grateful for the sacrifices that they made in our behalf so we could have the gospel in our lives. When Pioneer Day came around, I had a better appreciation for this holiday that we celebrate in Utah. We hope to visit the other sites on the trails of Wyoming and feel the wonderful spirit of our ancestors there. This was a memory that we will not forget. Enjoy the pictures.All the handcarts at Martin's Cove.

Our Trek Family Ma and Pa Rasmussen,Michael Umpenhour,
Jeston Allred, Danie Gingell, Chelsea Gillman, Shianna Thompsen,
Breanna Chatwin

The wind was really blowing and Dale lost
his hat. He had to run to catch it before it blew away.

On our way to Martin's Cove. It was so beautiful.

Awesome sight of our Youth on the trail to
Martin's cove.

Reading the marker while heading up to the cove.

Dale and I in Martin's cove. The Spirit was
so strong here. It's very hallowed ground.

Heading back to the buses. The sweet water
Leaving our campsite to go to Sixth Crossing.

Beautiful sunset at our fireside at Sixth Crossing

Last day on Trek.
Ma & Pa Rasmussen At Six crossing.