Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Scarlet Pimpernel

Tiffany Becky Valerie heading to the play

The Hale Centre Theatre in West Valley

For Christmas Tiffany received a ticket to attend the play "The
Scarlet Pimpernel with her sister Valerie. When I found out... I
said that I wanted to go and left it as that. The play was in August
and I didn't think about it anymore. Summer finally came and so did
may birthday in which I claim I don't have anymore. My daughters gave
me a present and when I opened it up I screamed with happy screams...
they had given me a ticket to attend the Scarlet Pimpernel with them. I was
so excited! Well August finally got here and Tiffany and I drove out the night
before and spent the evening with Valerie. On Saturday we drove to West Valley and
found the Hale Centre Theatre... really a nice place. Neither one of us had been there before.
Well the rest is history. The play was exceptional and funny. The actors that did the play
that night were hilarious and the show was funny. Now I'm a fan of the Theatre. What a
fun time I had with my girls. Maybe have to make this an annual event.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Oquirrh Utah Temple Open House

In front of the Oquirrh Temple

Bear, Taylor, Tyler, Braxton & Greyson

Lexi, Adele, Bear, Greyson & Braxton

The Dinosaur Museum in Vernal

Standing under the dinosaur!

Do I look scary ?

Looking @ all the things in the Museum.

Uncovering and finding bones..

Visiting the White Rocks Fish Hatchery

The fish hatchery in White Rocks

Wow that's a lot of Fish!!!

The little boys looking into the fish tanks.

Braxton feeding the fish outside the Hatchery.

Greyson getting ready to feed the fish.

Pictures of Pleasant Valley Hike

Grandpa Tonks with the grandsons
on top of the hill behind the house.

Picked some wildflowers to show Faith
how pretty they are.

This was one of the many Horney toads we saw
up on top of the hill.

We are holding a snake skin that was shed
from a snake...good thing it wasn't the real thing.

The three hickers and the dog.

Braxton & Greyson visiting Utah

The 4th of July in Pleasant Valley

Tiffany and Tyler helping with the fireworks

Grandpa Tonks and the boys....

Braxton and Greyson on the 4 wheeler.

Greyson looking @ the cows in the pasture.
they walked up to him and he looked back @ them.

Fireworks @ Grandma & Grandpa's house.

How do you like the new do's? Don't we look
cool? Guess who we are...

Tiffany with the boys and Dash...

Braxton and Greyson came out to Utah the first week in July and spent 2 weeks in Utah. One week was in Pleasant Valley. They go to do fireworks that their dad sent out with them. Tyler and Tiffany had to supervise them so they wouldn't start andything on fire or burn themselves.
After fireworks at Grandpa's we took them into Roosevelt to see the big fireworks. We sat in back of the truck and watched them in tkown. They were big, colorful and loud. It was fun the little boys really enjoyed them. They also went on a hike with Tiffany, Aunt Becky, Dash and Grandpa Tonks. We hiked up on the hill behind the house and found cool looking rocks and big Horney toads. They even caught one and held it. Then the turned it loose. Couldn't believe how time flew by... they left and went to Highland to spend some time with thier other cousins, Alexi and Taylor. We drove out to visit them and all went to the Oquirrh Utah Temple Open House in South Jordon. When the little boys saw the Temple, they thought it looked like a castle. They looked at everything inside the temple and thought is was beautiful. When we got to the Celestial Room, the sunlight was shining so bright... that they both had to cover their eyes to try and see inside the room. It was a wonderful experience to take them there. But the best part of theis whole trip was when we went into the Hospitality tent for refreshments and a piano was playing church songs...Braxton was walking around to see who was playing the piano.. and when he moved around the people to see who it was, there wasn't anyone there! He looked @ me with open mouth and said.. "how do they do that?" Grandma Tonks said it was the Holy Ghost. This was a fun memory that was spent with family.

Welcome all Prince's and Princesses'

Grandma Ruth meeting the guest of honor.

Little Ava with her dad.

Three Princesses ready to Party!!

The Princess Cake Looks really yummy!!

Miss Cindrella and some of her fans...

Every little Princess getting makeovers!!

The scary Danger Dragon!!

Enjoying the fun and kids.

Miss Cinderella herself came to the party
to visit the cousins and meet them personally.

The whole gang!! not everyone looking @
the camera.. hurry it's hot out here!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Where has our summer gone?

Tyler's Graduation BBQ @ Grandma Ruth's
It rained for just a few minutes, but turned
out really nice. Good food!

Tiffany not wanting her picture taken, Tyler
pulling a face @ mom, Lance enjoying the
time left before his mission in Nebraska.

Well, it's almost over... that is Summer! School will be starting up this week and fall is in the air.
Last time I made a post was when Tyler graduated... where has the time gone? Tiffany came home this summer and worked changing the sprinklers for her dad. I must say she did an awesome job!
The hay really grew nice. Thanks Tiffany for all the hard work you did... we really appreciate it. She also helped Grandma Ruth and Sherrol getting ready for her class over @ Myton Elementary. Jason came out again this summer and helped his dad in the gravel pit. We made a lot of sand or should I say E-fill for the Moon Lake job. Thanks again Jason for all the hard work you did! Mom really appreciates it! Tyler will be a college student this fall! Wow our youngest a college student! Have to let that one sink in. Lance Haslem left on a mission to Nebraska on our 28th Anniversary! Way to go Lance... our thoughts and prayers are with you. Valerie had surgery on her nose in July.. she's doing good... I spent a few days helping her out.. I'm suprised that she didn't end up with two black eyes. My 2 little nephews came out for 2 weeks from Las Vegas and spent time out here on the farm. We had a blast! Fireworks, gathering ROCKS, going on hikes with Grandpa Tonks, playing with Dash, playing with Tiff and Ty, going to the Oquirrh Utah Temple Open House in West Jordan, Swimming with Tiff & Ty & Alexi and camping out in the tent in the back yard! Also had a Princess Birthday Party @ Aaron's new home in Vernal.. It was a fun day with the cousins... lots of princesses and little boys. Jeana and Wayne had their special princess born on June 13th. We are so glad that Kaelyn is growing and hanging in there. Also attended Jacob's baby blessing! What a cute little boy...and we got to see Adam before he had to leave us again for a while...Thanks Adam for helping make our Country safer...We appreciate all you do for us! Hope you have had a good summer...did yours fly by too? Here are some pictures... Enjoy