Monday, December 21, 2009

Family Christmas Party 2009

Ho Ho and Grandma Ruth
and Great-Grandchildren

Grandma Ruth loves her Christmas parties and last year there wasn't one on account of Jason & Alicia's wedding right next to Christmas. So this year one was planned and in Heber since most of the family lives out on the Wasatch front now. Thank goodness it was beautiful weather to travel. Everyone that was attending school was finished with their finals and ready to have fun.
It's one of the first times that it wasn't held at Grandma Ruth's house, but it was really nice.
We ate, visited with one another, and the little great- grandkids were dressing up in the nativity costumes and getting their pictures taken. It really was a quite get-together. But that soon changed when Ho Ho came to visit. The kids were really excited to see him, but Ho Ho was having a wardrobe malfunction with the beard. It just didn't want to say up where it was supposed to be, but the kids didn't mind. They were all excited to see him, except for a few of the tiny ones. Ho Ho was a hit! Hope you enjoy the pictures... it was a fun evening. It's so much fun to have the family together...don't know how many more Grandma Ruth will be to them, so enjoy the moment and making of the memories.