Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tulip Festival @ Thanksgiving Point 2011

I went three different times to the tulip festival before my card expired.  Each time I went, I saw more color and lots of pretty flowers.  I took Tiffany with me one time and her friend joined us.  I went with Kadence and Valerie and then just went by myself.  I took more pictures so enjoy them.

 April 2011

 Entered this in their photo contest and made it
to the finals.  Didn't win, but was honored to be
in with the hundreds of photos.

 Tiffany @ the gardens.

 Jessica Willard and Tiffany having some fun.

Pretty girls.

Thanksgiving Point and the Tulip Festival

I just love going to the Tulip Festival in Lehi and the Thanksgiving Point Gardens.  I got a membership card for Mother's day last year and it's good for one year, so I called up Valerie and said, "Let's take Kadence and get some pictures of her with the colorful tulips.  It has been so cold, that the tulips didn't come out as fast, so they extended the festival for one week longer.  It was a beautiful day.  Valerie and Kadence met me at my sister's house and we drove over to the gardens.  Kadence was in her little Easter dress.  She looked so cute.  Off we went and looked at the beautiful flowers and the colors.  It was so much fun spending the day with Valerie and my little grand daughter.  

Valerie with Kadence April 22, 2011.
 Kadence almost 10 months old.

 "Hi Grandma!"

 Grandma with little Kadence.

 Kadence just didn't want to look at the camera.

 Kadence in her Easter Dress.

 Having so much fun outdoors.

 Say Cheese!

 Flowers at Thanksgiving Point.

 Having so much fun!

The tulips and the colors were so pretty. Wish
this was my garden!

Easter Pictures with Kadence.

I thought it would be fun to put Kadence in my huge Easter Basket full of grass and eggs and start snapping pictures.  I had the opportunity to have Kadence out here for a few days so it was photo time.  I'm sure Kadence didn't like it much, but she better get use to it because her grandmother loves to take pictures!  I put her in the basket and took these pictures.  She had fun playing with the eggs and grass.  She is growing up so fast. These pictures were taken in April 2011.  She was going to turn 10 months old this month.  Where has the time gone?

"Hi Grandma, is this what you want?"
" Are you sure it's okay if I sit in this?"

 "How's this?"

 "This is fun, now where's the candy?"

Pictures taken April 6 & 7, 2011. 

Kadence not feeling well.

 Kadence almost 8 months old.

Kadence just getting over RSV.

Dallas, Valerie and Kadence went to California in February to Disneyland and Sea World  with
all of the Knowlton's.  It was their Christmas.  Later in March, little Kadence was not feeling well
and was really congested.  It kept getting worse and Valerie took Kadence to the doctor.  She
was admitted to the Hospital with RSV.  A bit scary where she was still little.  She didn't like being
there and Valerie and Dallas stayed with her.  She had to have and IV because she was so dehydrated.
I went out a week later to check on their little family and spent a couple of days helping Valerie out.
Kadence still didn't feel that great, you can tell in the pictures.  She is still a cute little girl.  It sure isn't
fun getting sick.  We will be glad when it warms up and these bugs are out of here.