Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kadence not feeling well.

 Kadence almost 8 months old.

Kadence just getting over RSV.

Dallas, Valerie and Kadence went to California in February to Disneyland and Sea World  with
all of the Knowlton's.  It was their Christmas.  Later in March, little Kadence was not feeling well
and was really congested.  It kept getting worse and Valerie took Kadence to the doctor.  She
was admitted to the Hospital with RSV.  A bit scary where she was still little.  She didn't like being
there and Valerie and Dallas stayed with her.  She had to have and IV because she was so dehydrated.
I went out a week later to check on their little family and spent a couple of days helping Valerie out.
Kadence still didn't feel that great, you can tell in the pictures.  She is still a cute little girl.  It sure isn't
fun getting sick.  We will be glad when it warms up and these bugs are out of here. 

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