Thursday, July 29, 2010

Our First Grand Baby! Kadence is here!

Introducing Kadence Knowlton!

On Sunday morning about 12:45 a.m. the phone rings and it's Dallas on the other end telling us that Valerie is in the hospital and is going to have a baby shortly. Prior to this, Valerie had to go on bed rest two weeks ago because she was going in to pre-labor and it wasn't time for the baby to be born yet. Her doctor was also gone on vacation so she had to take it easy and stay down. It wasn't that easy for her, she got bored, but her sister Tiffany took some movies, puzzles, coloring books and what ever else she could think of so Valerie had plenty to do. On June 27, at 5:08 a.m. in the morning on Sunday, Kadence Knowlton came into the world with lots of red hair, like her dad, weighed 5 lbs, 15.2 oz and 18 inches long. Tiffany, Dale and I drove out to Clearfield to see our first Grand daughter and hold her. Tiffany was driving and we made pretty good time. Valerie looked tired and so did Dallas. Kadence was so tiny!! I couldn't believe that Dale and I were finally Grandparents! Tiffany had to hold her first. And did she have fun holding the little bundle. I forgot how tiny they are. Then I took a turn. Dale took one to, but he wasn't sure if he wanted to hold something that tiny. When I held her, I just looked at that tiny face and couldn't believe she was finally here. She came a month early, but she was looking really good and breathing on her own. Our family is starting to get bigger now! I think it will be so fun to be a grandmother! Tyler was excited to get and e-mail from me Monday morning starting with: Dear Uncle Tyler, and then we sent him some pictures. Here are some pictures. Enjoy.

Grandpa Dale and Grandma Becky with Kadence.
Not sure what Kadence will call us when she grows up.
We will just have to wait and see.

I just love this picture of Dale with his daughter
and little grand daughter Kadence.

One happy Auntie Tiff holding little Kadence.

Auntie Alicia and Uncle Jason. She's so tiny!

First family Photo...One happy little family.

Looking at her little legs.

So glad she is finally here.

Elder Rasmussen in Ohio

Elder Tyler T. Rasmussen, Sister Ruth Ann Sorensen
President Darwin Nels Sorensen @ the mission Home in Cleveland, OHIO
The Letter we got when Tyler arrived at the Mission Home.
His address is: Elder Tyler T. Rasmussen
2780 Winchester Woods Suite F Wooster, OH 44691
We got a letter from Tyler's Mission President saying that he made it safely.

Dear Brother and Sister Rasmussen,
We are so pleased that your son, Elder Tyler T. Rasmussen, arrived safely in the Ohio Cleveland Mission. We are enclosing a picture of him taken in the Mission Home. We appreciate this fine young missionary.
Your son is now in the area of his first assignment. His first companion and trainer is Elder Leonel Ismael Fernandez. They will be serving in the Wooster area. Our greatest desire is that Elder Rasmussen has a joyful, successful missionary experience. He will need your support spiritually and temporally. Your weekly letters of encouragement and love will be critically essential. We are grateful for the opportunity to share in this important time in the life of your son. We rejoice in the greatest blessings which will come to many wonderful people here in Ohio because of your sacrifice and his devoted labors. Our prayers will join with yours in his behalf.
Sincerely, President Darwin D. Sorensen Ohio Cleveland Mission
We were sure glad to hear that Tyler had made it to Ohio. He really loves Elder Fernandez and has learned so much from him. Josie De Horta who is a flight attendant and is in Tyler's ward sent me some pictures on face book of when Elder Rasmussen and Elder Fernandez went to their house and had a BBQ for the 4th of July. He looked so good and so happy! I'm so glad he is loving what he is doing and loving the people. It makes my job easier not worrying about him.
Here are some pictures....Enjoy.

Elder Fernandez and Elder Rasmussen
At the De Horta residence.

Out in the back yard for the BBQ.

Can't wait to sink my teeth in that!
Looks so good!

Elder Fernandez, Elder Rasmussen and Josie's
husband. Not sure of his name.

Hurry so I can eat! I'm hungry.

Curbside drop off @ the MTC

Elder Rasmussen in front of the MTC sign.
Now it's official.

A good Sister took this picture for us after we had
taken their family. good thing I had my dark glasses
on. It was hard holding back the tears.

I wanted to take a picture of Tyler by the MTC sign. I knew that I wouldn't be able to do it when we dropped him off at the curb, so Dale dropped us off by the curb outside of the MTC and Tyler and I walked over to the sign to get my picture. There were lots of families doing the same thing so we waited out turn. There were lots of missionaries and families there! It was a crazy place to be. We got the picture and then ran back to the car. Lots of impatient people honking their horns at us as we were getting back in the car. We drove to where we could turn around and head back to the drop off point. Now my stomach was tied in a knot. I didn't want to make a scene for Tyler. Dale asked Tyler if there were any last instructions he wanted to leave us, He thought for a moment and then said, Take good care of my dog and let him in the house once in a while. We all laughed, that was Tyler's way of not making the "Good-bye" a mushy one. We pulled up to drop off number 7 and stopped the car. The Host missionaries were waiting as we got out of the car. The trunk was opened and the suitcases started to come out. We gave Tyler our last big hugs and took some quick pictures and the next thing I saw was Elder Rasmussen walking down the sidewalk pulling a suitcase and talking to the host missionary. He didn't even look back. The tears started to roll down my cheeks as I said to myself, Goodbye Tyler, see you in two years. It was a bitter sweat day for us. I will really miss him. He always had a smile on his face when he walked in the door. It will take some getting use to not having him walk in the house. As we pulled into the driveway, Dash came running up to the car. He was excited to see us home. Dale and I got out and he was looking for Tyler. Tyler didn't get out of the car and Dash was confused. Then the tears started to come again and I had to tell Tyler's dog that he was gone for two years and wouldn't be here. I'm not sure Dash really understood, but I think he knew that he wouldn't be back for a while. Tiffany came home that weekend and Dash was happy to see her. When she walked in the house, Dash ran in and ran upstairs to find Tyler. We both ran up after him. Tyler's room hadn't been cleaned yet and Dash was smelling the sheets and all over his room to find out where Tyler was. He ran in every room upstairs to try and see where Tyler was. Again we had to tell him that Tyler wasn't here and it would be two years before he would be back. It took Dash about two weeks to finally get use to Tyler not being home. See, the dog even misses that kid.

One last sigh before entering the MTC.

Elder Rasmussen with his parents.

Tiffany, Elder Rasmussen and Dale

Do I have everything?

Well I guess this is it... see you in two years.
Love you Son, remember who you are.

Love you Tiff, I'll miss you, make sure you write me.

One of my favorite pictures of Tyler with his
dog Dash. Good buddies.

Visiting Temple Square one last time.

Elder Rasmussen with Elder Rasmussen
at Dallas and Valerie's home.

April 7th came really fast. We all got up early and had some breakfast and Tyler re-packed everything back into his suitcases. Tyler wanted to see the Joseph Smith movie at the Legacy Theater one more time before entering the MTC, so we got online and looked up when the movie played. We found a time before Tyler had to be in Provo so he said his goodbye's to his sister and Dallas. The next time he sees them, they will have a new addition to the family. Tyler will become and Uncle on his mission. It was a cool brisk morning on Temple Square. We had some time to kill so we walked around by the Temple and I took some pictures of Tyler, Tiffany and Dale. Tyler's first companion was his dad. So it was Elder Rasmussen with Elder Rasmussen. Pretty cool and he even got along with his first companion too. We looked at the time and started back to the Theater. As we watched the movie this time it meant more to us because Tyler would be leaving and serving close to the area where this movie took place. It was a solemn moment and we really felt the Spirit this day. We knew that we would miss Tyler, but we also knew that what he had decided to do with his life was the right thing. As the movie ended and we were walking out, some sister missionaries met us and started to talk to us. They looked at Tyler and said, "Are you going to the MTC today?" Tyler said yes and told them what mission he was going to. The sister from New Zealand told Tyler to look up Sister Ryan at Kirtland when he got there. Small world isn't it. We went back to the car and couldn't find it in the parking lot so we had to back track and finally found it. Off to Provo and the MTC now. Now it's starting to hit that Tyler would soon be gone. The ride was a long quiet ride. Tiffany and Tyler sat in the back talking. Before we knew it we were in Provo heading towards the MTC.

Reading names on the Statue.

Tyler and his MOM one last time.

Flowers starting to grow on Temple Square.

Looking at the Temple.

The Salt Lake City Temple

Another view of the Salt Lake City Temple.

One fine looking Missionary
Elder Rasmussen ready to Serve.

Tyler by the Reflecting pool.

Elder Rasmussen with Elder Rasmussen
in the Lobby of the Legacy Theater.

Setting Apart by President Willard

Our last family picture before Tyler left for the MTC.

On April 5th, we called up President Willard to see if Tyler could be set apart on April 6th so we could go out to Provo and he could say good-bye to his siblings. President Willard said that he would do it over in his office at the Seminary building right after school on Tuesday.

On Monday night, Jason Gillman came over and gave Tyler some helpful hints on packing his suit cases for the MTC. Believe me, it was quite a mess and we were hoping that he could get everything packed in three suitcases. And He did just barely. I knew saying goodbye wasn't going to be easy for me. Every time I would think about it, my eyes would start to tear up. But Tyler was excited to go so I had to be brave and keep the tears from coming until we left the MTC and Tyler couldn't see me.

The bedroom with all of Tyler's stuff to pack.

"Mom, no more pictures please!!!"

Elder Rasmussen with President Willard

Dale, Grandma Ruth, Elder Tyler Rasmussen,
Becky, Grandma and Grandpa Tonks

Strawberry all white and beautiful.

Tuesday came and we were getting everything finished up before we drove to Roosevelt. We called his grandparents to have them meet us at the Seminary building at 3:00 p.m. Around 2:15 p.m., we started to pack the car. I opened up the trunk of the car and Dash knew that something was up. He started to jump in when I told him to stay out. He had seen us pack in February for the skiing trip and in March for the CA trip and now he knew we were leaving again. Tyler had said his good-bye to Dash earlier that day. When Dash saw Tyler all dressed up in his suit and the suit cases being rolled out to the car, he knew that something was going on. We all got in the car and started down the road. I looked back to see Dash waiting on the driveway for us to come back in a while. When we arrived at the Seminary building, some of Tyler's friends were there to say their goodbye's. Tyler had said his goodbye's on his facebook page earlier that afternoon. His grandparents got there and we waited for President Willard. President Willard welcomed us and asked Tyler to come in his office first for a few minutes while he talked to him. Then he came out and invited us to his office. President Willard asked Dale and Grandpa Tonks to come up and help with the blessing. What a beautiful blessing that was given to Tyler. After the setting apart, there stood our missionary son! He looked so good and ready for the work. President Willard took a family picture and then I took one with Elder Rasmussen and President Willard. I couldn't believe that our youngest was now a missionary and leaving home.
Elder Rasmussen said his goodbye's to his grandparents and gave them their last hugs. He shook Jessica Willard's hand out in the hallway and she was the first to wish Elder Rasmussen good luck. When Tyler comes home, there will be a new Stake President. President Willard has been the Stake President for 9 1/2 years. He has been such a wonderful example to these young men to encourage them to go on missions and we are grateful for that. We walked to the car and Kim Willard and her daughters called out to Elder Rasmussen wishing him good luck! We drove to Strata and changed his phone over to Tiffany's number. There were some texts for him and he handed me the phone for me to read to him because he couldn't have a cell phone anymore. As soon as he was set apart, he let go of all the cell phones, not listening to music that wasn't appropriate, and was obeying what President Willard had asked him to do. I was so amazed by his example. It was a nice drive out to the Wasatch front. The roads were good and I was feeling emotional inside knowing this would be the last trip out with Tyler for the next two years. I guess having this be your last child at home leaving the nest makes you feel this way. We arrived in Provo and picked up Tiffany and drove over to Jason and Alicia's place to get them. Then we met Aunt Adele, Lexi and Taylor, Valerie and Dallas at the Pizza Pie in Provo and ate dinner. It really was a nice evening. Then we looked outside and it was snowing!!! We couldn't believe it. The second time we have a dinner in Tyler's honor, it snows....go figure. After Jason and Alicia, Adele, Taylor and Lexi said their goodbye's, we got Tiffany's stuff and headed to Clearfield to spend the night at Valerie and Dallas' place. Tiffany was playing some music in the car and a song came up and Tyler said, "Tiffany I can't listen to that kind of music". She immediately changed it. Elder Rasmussen really had the missionary spirit about him. I was so impressed by how he was obeying the rules of the missionary. It was a nice evening in Clearfield.

Lexi, Aunt Adele, Taylor, Elder Rasmussen

Good friends!

Lexi with her cousin Tiffany
Tyler with his cousin Taylor
Jason and Alicia

Dallas and Valerie and Baby girl in tummy.

Tyler's Farewell Dinner @ Lodge.

Tyler's farewell was March 28, 2010. He did a wonderful job on his talk about how he has been Enduring well from the March 2010 Ensign. What's so funny about this is at 12:30 a.m. Sunday morning, Tyler was still getting information for his talk. Thanks goodness for his brother-in-law Dallas. He was helping him get thoughts and scriptures for his talk. Everyone else went to bed, so we really don't know what time Tyler got to sleep. As parents, you want your children to do sell in life. Dale and I along with his siblings and grandparents were amazed by the talk he gave. What a powerful testimony he had of the Prophet Joseph Smith. That day at the pulpit I was a young man that would be an awesome missionary. Tyler had lots of friends that came out to his farewell. It was so nice to see the good friends and family come out and support Tyler. Dusty Monks was the other speaker in the sacrament meeting. It's ironic, but Dusty has followed Tyler all through Young Men's and then in the Elders Quorum. He has been a good example for Tyler to look up to. It really was a wonderful day for family and his friends. In fact, he attended Patrick Arko's farewell that same day. They will enter the MTC on the same day. Our family want to thank all family ad friends who cam out to support Tyler. We had a nice luncheon planned--soft flour tacos and all kinds of salads and yummy desserts. Everyone who came got their tummy's full. Thanks Alexis for taking the pictures. I really appreciate it.

Talking to Carolyn Roberts

Maybe he will learn to smile.

Valerie, Dallas, Alicia and Jason

Ryan Rasmussen, Grandma Ruth and Tyler's dad.

The food line.

Some of Tyler's friends.

The little cousin's table.

I'm glad we got a picture of Alexis.

Jackie, Luke and Wendy Rasmussen.

Grandpa Tonks

More of Tyler's friends.

Jacob Danger Bradbury

Kellie, Aunt Betty, Grandma Ruth, Alexis, Uncle Greg

Happy gathering of friends and family.

Kellie with Grandma Ruth.

Cousin Jon playing with all the little kids.

Tyler talking to family.

Tyler's friends that came to the luncheon.

Dr. Aaron Bradbury

Tiffany holding Maddie Coltharp.

Nice bunch of young ladies.

Uncle Greg talking to the Gillman's who are neighbors.

Aunt Susan talking to Valerie and Dallas