Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy birthday Grandma Ruth




On January 15, 2011, Grandma Ruth turned 85 years old.  We wanted to do a little family get-together for
her so we told everyone to bring something pot luck that Grandma Ruth liked to eat.  It was fun to see what kind of food showed up at her house.  We had pancakes with home-made syrup, pickled beets that Casi had put up from her garden, yummy potatoes, soft flour tacos, green salad, home-made tomato soup, chicken patties, all kinds of cookies and peach cobbler.  It tasted yummy.  Then we all sat in the family room and watched a video that Tiffany had worked on since Christmas of Grandma Ruth.  It really was a nice show she had put together.  Everyone loved it and seemed to have a wonderful time.  Thanks to all those who sent me the memories to put in Grandma's book.  Thanks to Tiffany for all the long hours she spent putting the DVD together.  I know that Grandma Ruth had a wonderful Birthday with family around her.  It really was a special day to spend with Grandma Ruth.