Wednesday, October 14, 2009

God Paints a Masterpiece

On September 29, 2009, I spent the most wonderful day with my daughter Tiffany.
It's funny how it happened. She had met me in Strawberry to get some information that she needed for school and on her way through Provo Canyon she told me how gorgeous the leaves were. Well I wanted to see the leaves and Dale really didn't want to take me. Tiffany wanted to ride the Heber Creeper, but didn't have the money to do it. Well Tiffany talked to her dad and told him that I wanted to see the Fall leaves. Before I knew it I would be meeting Tiffany out in Heber and we would both get on the train and see the fall leaves through Provo canyon.The drive through Strawberry and Daniels canyon was absolutely beautiful. The colors were so brilliant! Words can't describe what I saw.. I was just taking it all in. I hadn't seen this type of color for two to three years and I'm glad I took a moment out of my busy schedule to spend some quality time with Tiffany and enjoy God's masterpiece he had painted. It was such an awesome day to see all the beauty around me. I'm so thankful for all my blessings that I receive from my Heavenly Father. I think this was a way he was telling me Thank you. I hope all of you have enjoyed the masterpieces that God has painted for you. I found out that you have to take time and look for them and I can tell you that it's worth it. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Pictures of the Yard.

Digging the trenches

Taylor, Grandpa Tonks, Tyler

Dale, Tiffany, Adele, and Lexi

Seeing if it is deep enough.

Looking from our house to my parents.

Dale rigged up this leveler for the yard. It
worked like a charm and just in time for the
sod to come. What a Macgiver.

Dale getting the sod off the pallets.

Almost done with the back yard. Thank
goodness for the cloud cover that came!

The sod all in and Dad's gravel art work done.

Looking from our house.

All summer Dad and Dash would go and gather
rocks off the hillside with a wheel barrow. We
then brought the rocks over with the backhoe
and placed them on their bank that boarders the
road. Lots and lots of work! That's what we have
been doing this fall.

My Dad's Rock Art

Dad is placing a rock boarder around his rock art.

Dad with his helper that really doesn't help @ all.
Spraying off the red dust from the goat.

One of the figures finished.
He really spent some time making these.

You could say that my dad had a lot of time on his hands. Yes he did. He wanted to have gravel in front of his new yard. I just thought it would be gravel, not a piece of art.
He worked on this for weeks and weeks one wheel barrow @ a time. I think he had fun figuring out the figures and finding the right pieces of rock to make them pop out. I told Dad that he will have to patten these and do the Landscaping in the desert areas....he told me that one is enough for him. then Adele, Lexi, Taylor, Tiffany, Tyler, Jason, and Alicia came out and helped with the sprinkler system and laying the sod down for the yard. It was a lot of hard work, but now it looks really nice. Thanks family for pitching in and helping my parents get their yard before winter.