Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tyler Rasmussen

If you're confused, yes this is Tyler our youngest. No he doesn't always look this way. He's heading to a Home football game to cheer for the team. He and his friends like to dress up and show their school spirit! Tyler is the last of our kids to graduate from High School and it will be in May 2009 of this year. He's had challenges of his own for the past 3 years dealing with a paralyzed stomach. He even asked the doctor if a stomach transplant would work. The doctor didn't recommend it, so Tyler just has to deal with it and it's not very fun. But he really tries to have a positive attitude through this trial. I really look up to him. He's a great kid and really funny too. You have noticed his pictures of his new puppy, they are quite the pair. Tyler is teaching Dash to play soccer with him. It's quite comical.

Tiffany Rasmussen

Tiffany graduated from Union High in 2008. She was also Sterling Scholar in Social Sciences at her school. Her cousin Lance Haslem also graduated the same year. Here they are with Grandma Ruth. Both also graduated from Seminary. Way to go guys!!!!! Tiffany is now attending UVU in Orem. The first semester wasn't too great. Her mom made her sign up for Honors and found out that it wasn't really all that great. Now Mom will just let Tiffany take care of getting her own classes. She is really missed at home! Especially by her Bro Tyler. We enjoy it when Tiffany comes home for weekends and can hear her wonderful laugh that everyone misses. She's not sure what to major in yet, but she'll figure that one out.

Pictures of Seminary Graduation

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valerie & Dallas Knowlton

Valerie, our oldest daughter graduated in 2005 from Union High. She was Sterling Scholar for Trade and Tech. For her project she made a China hutch out of Maple and it is in our kitchen dining room. She loved her cabinetry class at the UBATC. Her instructor was the best and she learned so much. A cabinet maker came over to our house a few weeks ago and told me that my daughter really had a gift in making furniture and he had been in the business over 20 years. When Val graduated, she headed to Orem and lived with my sister in Highland and attended UVSC in Orem. She loved school and liked to visit Aunt Susan who teaches nursing classes there. About November 2005, we find out that she has met someone on the internet. My sister and I wasn't to crazy about this and she has a date with this person. Since Valerie was living with my sister Adele, and Valerie had a date with this person, she told Valerie that she needed to stay in the Orem area and that she had to meet this person. Well, the rest is history and Valerie was engaged in February of 2006 and we have our first wedding June 22, 2006. It was hard on Mom because this was the first wedding in the family and her first daughter leaving. They got married in the Salt Lake Temple.
They are going on three years of marriage this June and have a cute home in Clearfield Utah where they are both attending Weber State University and both are working.

Jason & Alicia Rasmussen

Thought I would catch you guys up on things that we have done since I've started this blog.
Jason, our oldest graduated from Union in 2002 and served a mission in Alaska, Anchorage Mission til 2004. He then came home and started up with school at USU Unitah Basin Campus and got all his generals done. He helped his dad on the farm, changed sprinklers, and did homework. In 2007, he left home and started to attend UVSC in Orem, now it is known as Utah Valley University. He is going into the field of Multi-media Computer Animation with a minor in Business. He really loves the classes that he is taking now. Who knows, you may someday find a video game out there that Jason designed! In 2007, Jason started to help his dad in the "Rasmussen Rock" business and has really liked helping him with the big equipment. He helped in the summer and then when school started, he would comeback on weekends and holidays to work in the "Pit" and earn money for school. On 08/08/08, he attended his cousin's wedding up at Flaming George and his cousin Ryan brought out a friend from Washington. Jason sorta knew Alicia because she was in his student ward. Well the two of them started to hit it off and see each other and the next thing we know is in October of 2008 they are engaged and set a date to be married on 12/20/08. So that's an update on our oldest son. Here is a picture that was taken in October when he proposed to Alicia @ Thanksgiving Point Gardens and the Teddy Bear asked Alicia, "Will you Marry Me?" in Jason's voice. It was really cute!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Getting Started

I can't believe I am actually creating this. I even did it without the help of Jason or Tyler. This is a real miracle. Well since then, Tyler and Valerie came to my rescue and helped me to put it together and fined tuned it. But I'm learning. Thought this would be a good way to let family and friends know what's going on with the Rasmussen Bunch. In December of 2008, we added a new member to our family. Jason married Alicia Fowler on 12/20/08 in the Vernal Temple and the rest is history. It was a very cold and wonderful day. The roads were bad getting to the Basin, but we appreciate all who came and supported Jason and Alicia's special day. Thanks to Tim and Chris for taking pictures. We really do appreciate you guys. Thanks again to all friends and family who supported us. It really means a lot to our family. A December wedding is not easy on mothers, so this is the last one that will ever be planned in this month. The lovebirds are living in Orem. Jason is attending UVU and Alicia is working at Orem Community Family Practice Clinic. She also keeps Jason in line. Valerie and Dallas are keeping busy with school and work. They have their own home in Clearfield which is really cute. Tiffany is attending UVU and doing well. She's been looking for a job out in the Orem-Provo area, but no one seems to be hiring these days. Tyler is a senior this year and will graduate in May! Then we become empty nesters??? Except for the newest member of the family, a golden retriever puppy named Dash that Tyler got for his Birthday in November. He asked his parents for over six months every single day and we finally caved. He is a cute puppy, but we can't wait until the puppy stage is over. He really loves Tyler! Hope all is well with everyone. I'll try to keep you updated with what happens to our family. Bye for now.

DASH the Newest Member of the Family

Newest member of the family

Dash and Tyler

Singing the Blues